Sense Resistors from Isotek Corporation: SM Series

Sense Resistors from Isotek Corporation: SM SeriesIsotek offers the widest range of precision current sense resistors. Isotek's precision resistors are suitable for harsh environments because of their high power density, long term stability, and high operating temperatures. The SM series has an operating temperature of 170°C.

For example, the SMK surface mount current sense resistor is a standard EIA 1206 package size and is rated at 1/2 W at 130°C with a TCR of <50 ppm/°C. With resistance values as low as 10 mOhms, the resistor element is etched from solid Manganin foil, resulting in exceptional long term stability at rated load. The planer etch pattern is designed to keep the inductance below 10nH (10 mOhm resistor). The intimate contact of the resistor element relative to the large copper terminals ensures very low internal thermal resistance of 80°C/W.

Using Manganin foil, the SMK current sense resistor is designed to reduce the thermal EMF to nearly zero. A "Zero Ohm Jumper" is also available. The SMK current sense resistors are perfect for compact monitoring and control applications.

Isotek's sense resistors product line consists of hundreds of resistors, including current sense resistors, flip-chip resistors, high frequency resistors, surface mount resistors, load resistors, pulse resistors, non-inductive power resistors, and many more.

Since 1989, Isotek has been building a solid reputation for quality sense resistors and personal service. Backed by more than 25 years of sales experience and an expanded line, Isotek is now able to offer a wider range of solutions with cost-effective precision products. 

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