Load Resistor Solutions from Isotek Corp.

Load Resistor Solutions from Isotek Corp.>A load resistor is designed to safely dissipate the maximum output of the power converter in a full load test condition. Testing power converter and other devices under a power load condition, requires a load resistor to maintain accuracy and thermal stability throughout a test sequence.

A high wattage load resistor presents a practical solution for power supply manufacturers involved in burn in, product life testing and functional testing. However, by definition, these resistors are large and bulky. It's advantageous to use a resistor that can be easily mounted and wired in combinations. Load "banks" are typically constructed using multiple resistors of varying value and wattage which simulate a number of different levels of current.

Where an external load resistor is used, suitable interconnection techniques should be used between resistors and the device. The load resistor should be carefully chosen for their non-inductive properties when output frequencies are very high.

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